Padmashree Pandit Siyaram Tiwari Smriti Sangeet Samiti (Nad-Vistar)….a journey so far..

It was on 21st of August, 2013 when the Samiti members decided to embark on a journey to act as the rennaisance for once very popular and flourished artform Dhrupad and Dhammar but now on the verge of extinction. The decision not only included Dhrupad but also included its components viz. Sarangi and Pakhawaj. As the art is best suited with the accompaniment of these two one can find their dwindling in  modern times.

The Samiti resolved to organise an annual ‘Dhrupad Sandhya’ on the occasion of the death anniversary of Padmashree Pandit Siyaram Tiwari to pay him a musical tribute and to give an exposure to local talents.

The 15th Dhrupad Sandhya had Padmashree Gajendra Narayan Singh for its chief guest. The guest of honor was Smt. Deepali Bannerji, a consummate artist of Bihar and a Sitar maestro herself. The Sandhya began with a short yet melodious welcome song presented by the students of the Samiti followed by a chaturang recital in raag Malgunji. The next performance of the eve was Kathak dance presented by the students of the Samiti. Next item on the clock was Sitar recital by Shree Pratik Bannerjee who is a renowned artist of Bihar and has also partook in certain contests as a judge. Accompanying Shri Bannerji on Tabla was Shree Ajay Thakur who is one of the leading tabla maestros of Bihar. Shri Thakur was elated at this moment as he had his guidance from Panditji since his early days and a few times had opportunities to accompany him. The recital was followed by Dhrupad recital by ‘Sur Ratna’, ‘Sur Mani’ Pt. Jagat Narayan Pathak ‘Mallick’ of Darbhanga gharana who is a leading vocalist in dhrupad and other genres across the country and is one of the disciples of Pandit Siyaram Tiwari. Accompanying him on Pakhawaj was Shree Ashutosh Upadhayay(Gaya gharana) who is the son and desciple of Pt. Pannalal Upadhayay and one of the leading pakhawaj connoisseur across the country and holds to his name numerous awards and recognition.

Last performance of the day was a thumri and jhoola duet presented by Shree Vinod Pathak and Dr. Shree Om Parakash Narayan. Since Pandit Siyaram Tiwari also had his mastering over these genres apart from Dhrupad everyone appreciated this presentation and was feeling ecstasy.


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